A $25 deposit required at time of booking
Deposit applied to  package purchase. 

We accept Cash, Checks, & All Major Credit Cards.

We believe less is more; but if you would like, may use your own baby outfits, blankets or hats.

If you would like to buy one of our hats, please ask our photographer. 


*Discs Are Only Available In Color With Copyright Release.

*All Announcements Come With Envelopes.


Nola Baby

(digital package)



French Market

5 printed sheets. 

(Up To Five Poses)

Something Mister


Throw Me 

8 Printed Poses & 10 edited on disc.

10 poses edited on disc only.

8x10 five pose collage.

Cresent City


8 printed poses and edited on a disc.

One pose with Stats or Splash.

16x20 art board.


All That Jazz

8 printed poses and 13 edited on a disc.

10x20 3 Pose Art Board.

One pose with Stats.

One pose with A Splash Of Color.

24 announcements w/ envelopes.



Frequently asked questions

How long is the photo shoot?

The photo shoot normally lasts ten to fifteen minutes.

When will my photo shoot take place?

We typically photograph all babies on their first full day at the hospital. It is also possible for your shoot to take place on the day before discharge. Generally, we do not take photos on the day of discharge unless there is a medical reason for the delay.

My partner won't return to the hospital until late in the day. Can the session be done then?

We always encourage partners and siblings to participate if they are available at the time of the shoot, but we may not be at the hospital late in the day. We will try to accomodate you as much as our schedule permits.

Should we bring a special blanket?

We absolutely encourage you to bring a favorite baby blanket from home to use in the shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborn's photos. If you have an heirloom that you would like to include in the photographs, that is perfectly fine.

My baby is in the NICU, can I still have a photo shoot?

Yes, let your nurse know you are interested in pictures. The session will be completed when the nurse tells us the baby is ready for pictures. If you perfer to set a session after baby is born, you are welcome to give us a call at 504.466.1533 and we can schedule a studio session.

My baby has acne do you retouch?

Yes, basic skin retouching is included. For extra retouching (color Changes, head swaps, tattoo removable) extra charges may apply.

How long does it take to see my pictures?

We show everything right at your bedside. you can pick and order your images same day.

How many pictures do I get?

This depends on the package you purchased and the sizes you choose. All sessions do include photos.

Do you give Raw images?

No, we do not.

Can I have the originals?

​We do not give original images.

What if I do not want to retouch?

During the ordering part of the session, we provide “soft proofing” which means your images are not retouched ahead of time. You choose your images and the level of retouching

How long does it take to receive an order?

This depends on what you are ordering. Most orders take around a week, however, retouching may add time in delivery. We will let you know your estimated delivery time at the time of ordering​.

Can I order more pictures later?

Yes, you can. We can only guarantee holding images for 1 year, however, we store our images on backups and usually can go back quite some time on image files​.

I missed the newborn window and my baby is now 2 months old do you take them?

We photograph babies of any age. Your baby is no longer a newborn however you can still book a session in our studio. Please understand the baby most likely will not be able to do newborn poses and they are usually awake​.

Do you have clothing for newborns and props?​

We sometimes have hats or tutus on hand to purchase! Ask your photographer.