Children's Sessions are ideal for rollers & sitters (3-12mo), as well as older children (2+). 

It is designed to update your child's milestones.



How do I reserve a session?

Please call our studio during normal business hours or book through our inline booking system. You can also fill out a contact form and have us call you. A deposit is required to book a session. The full price is due at the time of the appointment.

What's included?

Upon payment of your Deposit, you have access to all of props, accessories, outfits - everything we need to make your newborn session perfect. Family and sibling portraits can also be included at an additional fee, along with a variety of different photos of your baby in props, solo poses, and wrapped poses. Please get in touch for the full price list.

How long are your sessions?

Maternity – approximately one hour or less Newborn – approximately one hour or less Family – approximately one hour or less Children anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on session and age Please know there is no real “timer” on our sessions, the above is an estimate and sessions may take less or more time

How long does it take to see my pictures?

We can schedule an ordering appointment within a week of your session to view your pictures. Let us know if you are in a rush!​ Enter your question here

How many pictures do I get?

This depends on the package you purchased and the sizes you choose. All sessions do include photos.

Do you give Raw images?

No, we do not.

Can I have the originals?

​We do not give original images.

What if I do not want to retouch?

During the ordering session, we provide “soft proofing” which means your images are not retouched ahead of time. You choose your images and the level of retouching

How long does it take to receive an order?

This depends on what you are ordering. Most orders take around 2 weeks, however, retouching may add time in delivery. We will let you know your estimated delivery time at the time of ordering​.

Can I order more pictures later?

Yes, you can. We can only guarantee holding images for 1 year, however, we store our images on backups and usually can go back quite some time on image files​.